About Us

The exciting sister business to Bristol’s Dawkins Ales in the Scottish Capital.
We're pouring up to eighteen beers & ciders including Dawkins cask & keg alongside a wide array of local and not-so-local microbrewery beers, very much in the tradition of the established Dawkins pubs.

This most beautiful city has long felt like a second home for our founder, Glen Dawkins so when the rare-as-hen’s teeth opportunity arose it just had to be!
There are very few private free-of-tie leasehold pubs in the town, but when he saw ‘The Flying Dog Bistro’ was on the market he jumped at the chance, especially as there was a risk of it being turned into apartments. Currently being refurbished (or, possibly de-furbished as Glen is doing the work himself!) into a cask, craft and street food bar with six handpulls, ten keg taps and a wide range of spirits (especially whisky of course) and wines.
Interestingly, the bar has a very large cellar; big enough for a nano-brewery….well, that’s something to think about in the future.

As with the Dawkins pubs, the design is individual but the back-bar fitting is in familiar style to the keen eyed Dawkins regulars! The friendly, relaxed atmosphere will be the same too; whether you are hipster or more hip-replacement!
Steel Coulson; forgotten? But Elephants Never Forget...

The name is a revival of an old Edinburgh and Glasgow brewery company that lasted nearly a century till takeover and closure by Vaux of Sunderland. The last pints of its famous ‘Elephant Brand’ beers were brewed in 1960 and the venerable trademark soon fell into obscurity.
For Glen, it was a compelling brand to use; the ‘Croft-an-Righ’ brewery was up the road from the new bar in Abbeyhill. The Steel in the name appealed with Glen’s Sheffield roots too! (And the true Sheffielder will note the address has saucy associations…)

We always stock a real cider and we’re pleased as cider punch that the local Campaign for Real Ale branch has voted us as runner up Cider Pub of the Year 2018! The quality of our beer has been commended by CAMRA and we were finalists in the Scottosh Entertainment Awards for beer choice the last two years running.

Steel Coulson Tap
24 Henderson Street, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 6BS

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