Top Out Schmankerl 500ml

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4.9% - Bavarian Wheat - Edinburgh

Possibly one of Scotland’s best wheat beers?

Schmankerl means ‘delicacy’ or ‘treat’ in the Bavarian dialect. In order to achieve the classic Hefeweizen character we don’t use generic dried yeast but propagate a genuine Bavarian strain ourselves. Schmankerl is a cloudy wheat beer with notes of banana and cloves. The blue and white label reflects Bavarian colours, the region that produces the most diverse beers in Germany.

Mountain: The route on the label ascends An Teallach, a fabled mountain and perhaps the most impressive in Britain. Be prepared for a very long and demanding day should you plan to traverse all its summits and pinnacles. Technical scrambling and huge exposure make for one of Scotland’s best mountain days.

Tops Out: 1,059m (3,474ft)

500ml bottle